We study your brand, trends, your target audience and create a strategy for creation, further development and comfortable launch to the market.



We are developing for you a new name, a new sound, a new character. This will be a unique name that is most suitable for your target audience, which is easy to register and use. We check the availability of the necessary domain zones, as well as accounts in social networks.



The slogan is a very concise, memorable phrase that conveys the essence of the brand, the necessary feelings and character. A unique slogan developed by our team will help develop your brand. This is a very convenient promotion tool, since it is precisely it that every person can remember and verbally reproduce.



The visual component of brand identity starts with the logo. All logos created by us are tested for uniqueness. We develop for each our own branded font or use only official licensed fonts.


*Form style

Corporate identity is all those graphic components of the brand that come after the logo. We will advise you on the need to develop certain elements, we will create a unique and recognizable corporate identity that will help your development.



Packaging is the link between you and your customers. Packing is like a handshake. Packaging design will often determine how people feel about your product or service. When developing, we will take into account all the technical features of the product, we will analyze and find the most optimal solution.


*Web development

We live in a time when the importance of your brand's presence on the web is undeniable. When developing a website or designing social networks, we approach each customer individually. We do not work according to a template, since the site is the virtual face of the brand, and the face must be unique. We supervise the development of the site from the creation of sketches to its launch. The result of our work will be a functioning, completed, tested your site.