Redesign of the logo and corporate identity "Letter U".


By a social project, we often mean that this project affects some aspects of life that are directly related to the solution of some significant, but not always superficial problems, but also that it is not about money at all.


Often, social projects of a regional scale are based on sheer enthusiasm, and there is no talk of investing in the visual of such brands.

It so happens that our studio has a lot of examples on its account of how you can help interesting people and their cause, in which they invest all their free time and effort, for free, because this is really important.


Letter U is a psychoactive podcast from the city of Brest. Psychologist Julia has worked for more than 6 years in the field of rehabilitation of people with mental illness. In the podcast, he talks with guests - with people with mental illness, as well as experts in this topic. Stories of people imbued with love of life, "reptilian experience of the world" and experience on the way to accepting and loving the imperfections of this world.