Development of the collection of alarm clocks "Luch"


It is important to know that when working on many projects, the customer, relying on the technology of product creation and production capabilities, identifies possible and impossible solutions for the implementation of the project.



Change the shape of the alarm clock case;

Use multi-track mechanisms (more than three);

Position the arrows off-center;

Change the housing material;

Change the material of the arrows;

Increase the arrows.


An analysis of existing alarm clocks of this type led us to the conclusion that the use of illustrations and complex graphic elements on the dial would not be such a new and creative idea. Our studio decided to create a universal, concise and memorable alarm clock design, as well as a new, attention-grabbing packaging.

The sponsor of this competition was the company "OFISTON MARKET", which sells stationery, books and creative goods.

We used the marker trace to highlight the text to indicate and focus attention on the important thing – time. The alarm clock is designed so that its owner does not oversleep to school or work, so that he does not miss an important event in his life and is sure that he will be on time.