Redesign of the "Perfect" logo


Now we will tell you about a brand that almost everyone in Brest knows. This is not a clothing store or a cafe, it is not a furniture production or a personal brand. No. This is what everyone faces in life, regardless of age, gender and other factors. Bread, buns, pies, cupcakes and cookies!

"Perfect" is a familiar, relatable brand that has proven itself. At an early stage of formation, a logo was developed for the brand, which depicts two kitchen-boys. History is silent about where these images came from, which images and photographs were used in their creation, but one of the main tasks set was their preservation.


Over the entire period of use, the logo has undergone a number of changes, irrational improvements, but its use in the formation of the entire corporate identity has remained inconvenient and sometimes impossible due to a number of technical reasons, such as unnecessary elements, noise, line thickness, proportions and dimensions.


Our studio has done tremendous work on the redesign of the logo, which, at first glance, may seem quite insignificant, but, nevertheless, led to the fact that it became possible to apply the logo by different printing methods and use it unchanged in the web environment and large-format advertising.