Rebranding of the "Eligard" logo


The company Eligard deals with furniture. A few years ago, we were approached to rebrand the logo and create a new corporate identity of the brand. At that time, it was decided to use the name Eligard as a legal and related only to production, and to call the brand itself an abbreviated Eli. In this form, the brand has existed for several years and the logo, together with the new name, has worked 100 percent.


For several years, clearer target audiences have been identified, a portrait of a potential buyer has been formed, and it turns out to be different from the original one. In the new realities, operating with new tasks, we have rebranded the brand created by our studio.


We use the full name Eligard, without separating the production from the brand. This reunion is meaningful and valuable. Our studio has developed a unique font logo and a unique concise corporate identity. As a graphic sign that can be used in the design of printed products, as well as in the web environment, the last letter of the brand "d" is used, together with the sign ".".