Branding of vehicles "Bel-Moris"


Branding of vehicles is one of the components of a company for the introduction of a new brand into life. The rebranding of the logo and the formation of a new corporate identity is the first and serious step, which entails a number of changes and necessary measures.


The company's fleet can be regarded as the most accessible medium of large-format and large-size advertising. A truck is practically a moving branded billboard.


Our studio was faced with the task of developing a branding design taking into account the budget allocated for this type of work. Mostly the entire fleet of the company consists of white cars. Their complete pasting is quite expensive, but this concept allows you to save the customer's money, as it can be implemented by partial pasting.


We used a memorable image that does not cause any negative associations, and also attracts attention with its scale. The design is universal, allowing you to further adapt it to any medium, use it in presentation materials and promotions, as well as solve completely different tasks from souvenirs to any collaborations with other brands.