The tourist brand of the city of Grodno


This project is a participant in the competition for the creation of a tourist brand of the city of Grodno in 2019. Our studio took part and took the first place.


The difficulty of creating a brand was that, after the research, it became necessary to develop 5 (five) language versions of the logo, each of which had 3 (three) compositional solutions, and was necessary for the introduction of the brand into life. In fact, the gadline included 15 (fifteen) logos.


Also, for this brand have been developed:

4 (four) additional versions of the logo for use in the development of layouts and advertising of various kinds of events;

Infographics, in the form of stylized, linear images of city attractions;

3 (three) color solutions of the corporate pattern;

Style typography;

Elements of souvenir products.


The tourist brand of the city of Grodno can be considered the first officially accepted tourist brand in the Republic of Belarus.

The logo is based on the coat of arms of the city of Grodno, namely the Deer of St. Hubert with a golden cross between the horns. He is an integral part of history, and a unique and inimitable symbol.


It is assumed that the deer on the logo moves forward (from left to right), the turn of its head in the opposite direction indicates that the city does not forget its centuries-old history.