The application "Tadam!"


The problem faced by the customer is a clear, non–editable aspect ratio form of the application that he purchased. The design proposed by the developers categorically did not suit him. We solved this problem by creating a completely different kind and level of design based on the skeleton, by using different colors, fonts and, possibly, infographics.


What do we expect from food delivery? How do some services differ from others?


Since we choose the dish and the institution that prepared it ourselves, and sometimes we rely on our experience or on the recommendation of friends, the most important thing for us is the speed of delivery.


The brand name "Tadam!" symbolizes speed and simplicity. The client does not want difficulties, the client wants to eat his burger or pizza hot.


"Tadam!" - and your pasta is already on your table!

"Tadam!" - and the children on the holiday are gobbling up their favorite pizza!

"Tadam!" - and you are full and satisfied!


The mascot of the brand is a kind and smiling pilot who flies across the city to you with your order.


The main logo is unique. The graphic sign and logo font are specially designed for this brand. This fact is important when registering a trademark, and also excludes the occurrence of claims from the copyright holders of fonts. The customer does not always know what kind of use is covered by the license of the font used by the freelance designer. Often, the freelance designer himself does not know this.

All logos developed by our studio undergo an internal check for uniqueness. If our studio uses a font in the logo that was not developed within the framework of an existing project, we provide the customer with all information about his license and, if necessary, buy it for him.