"Success Craft" logo and guideline


Is it necessary for an IT company to have a logo?


Opinions are different, since the heads of such companies believe that this is not necessary. And in most cases they are right. In this type of activity, promotion is built by completely different methods and in a completely different space than brands associated, for example, with fashion, catering or food.


Why did Success Craft, despite all these arguments, order the rebranding of the logo from our studio? In addition to software development, the company is engaged in training new employees. There is a constant search, participation in exhibitions, communication with students and schoolchildren. In this way, Success Craft educates and trains its personnel. For interaction, for advertising among potential participants of the training, it is necessary to use completely different methods.


Our studio has rebranded the logo, with the condition of maintaining maximum continuity with the old version. Guideline (rules for the use of the logo and corporate identity) was developed within the framework of this project, as the company develops, opens new offices and training centers throughout the country and control over the correctness of registration becomes more difficult.


The main logo is unique. The graphic sign and logo font are specially designed for this brand. This fact is important when registering a trademark, and also excludes the occurrence of claims from the copyright holders of fonts. The customer does not always know what kind of use is covered by the license of the font used by the freelance designer. Often, the freelance designer himself does not know this.

All logos developed by our studio undergo an internal check for uniqueness. If our studio uses a font in the logo that was not developed within the framework of an existing project, we provide the customer with all information about his license and, if necessary, buy it for him.