Pharmacy Project "Pharmaciya"


The first and one of the main problems faced by the management of this pharmacy is a non–contrasting and nondescript exterior design, because of which passers-by simply do not notice this object, even if they are obviously interested in finding it.


The specialists of our studio conducted an in-depth analysis of this object and premises, determined the possibility of changing the facade and found a solution that will help attract customers and highlight the object itself among others located on this street and in this building.


To the left and right of the pharmacy there are cafes, the facades of which are painted in dark shades. Near these establishments, summer playgrounds are installed, which operate all year round, thereby blocking the way for passers-by and "clamping" the pharmacy between them. Since the existing exterior design does not have large display windows, and sparsely decorated, non-contrasting compositions, limited to the rear walls of the showcases, do not attract the attention of passers-by, it was decided to radically change the design style itself.

According to the developed project, the pharmacy acquires huge floor-to-ceiling windows, thereby opening the trading floor, and the facade itself is painted in dark green, contrasting with the entire building color. On the sides of the object there are remote illuminated signs at night.


Thus, the pharmacy came to the first line and began to attract attention and identify itself along with existing institutions.