The "Myasnitski" brand


Before starting the development of naming, logo and corporate identity, the main task that needs to be solved by our studio was highlighted. The task was to develop a brand that would be perceived as something that has existed for a long time, having its own unique history.

The developed name "Myasnitski" bears the character of a family business of the beginning of the 20th century, which went from a small butcher shop of Mr. Myasnitsky in the city of Drogichin to a large producer of meat products. The proper name in the brand name gives the buyer the feeling that all the sausages of this brand are made by hands who love their work.


The main logo is unique. The graphic sign and logo font are specially designed for this brand. This fact is important when registering a trademark, and also excludes the occurrence of claims from the copyright holders of fonts. The customer does not always know what kind of use is covered by the license of the font used by the freelance designer. Often, the freelance designer himself does not know this.

All logos developed by our studio undergo an internal check for uniqueness. If our studio uses a font in the logo that was not developed within the framework of an existing project, we provide the customer with all information about his license and, if necessary, buy it for him.