The logo of the "Cheers" bar


Implementation of the project based on the budget.

This is one of the pressing and main issues that arise before the owners of new establishments that are preparing to open. A difficult time for public catering places forces us to prioritize.


Our studio offered the customer to develop only the most important positions necessary for the start:

Two working concepts of the logo with the possibility of making a minimum number of edits, which the customer did not use due to full satisfaction with the results of the work carried out;

Development of style of an Instagram account;

Proper filling of accounts;

The concept of registration of the entrance group with the possibility of consultations before the implementation of the project in the material;

Development of the concept and layout of the menu design layout, as well as printing the required number of copies.


All other positions have been discussed and planned for the future. The customer met the budget without additional investments.