Brandbook of the «Belarusian Glass Company» holding


The company faced the problem of combining logos and corporate styles of the holding's participants. The task, at first glance, is impossible, since each enterprise has its own history, and an already existing logo and corporate identity that requires improvement, but how is it possible to do this within the framework of one project?



Our studio conducted a study of five brands:

The Belarusian Glass Company Holding;

JSC "Belmedsteklo";

JSC "Gomelsteklo";

JSC "Grodno Glass Factory";

JSC "Glass factory "Neman".


It was decided to combine all logos with the same corporate colors, stylistic solution, font and uniform style-forming elements. A unique corporate pattern was developed, which is used in the formation of the corporate identity of each company. Thus, each brand has its own individual characteristics, retains, in some cases, maximum continuity with the old logo, but at the same time is identified as independent and directly related to the holding.